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Domestic enquiries:
+ 61 2 9994 7490
International enquiries: 
+44 20 7976 3308  



Our investment process is structured to benefit from the unique skills of our investment team and our global contact network.

  • Investment universe. The investment universe consists of listed (or soon to list) companies on all global share markets.

  • Idea generation. The investment universe is surveyed and research priorities are set for the investment team. Investment ideas come from a range of areas including team experience, external contacts, screening and monitoring of news flow.

  • Bottom up research. Our research focuses on three broad areas: business franchise analysis, company valuation and share price drivers. We focus our research to understand the fundamental nature of a business in relation to the competitive environment in which it operates. The company is also valued using a range of industry-specific valuation techniques. We also seek to understand the drivers or catalysts that will move the company's share price towards the expected target.

  • Peer review. Stock ideas are reviewed by the investment team to determine the strength of the investment case or highlight any aspects which may require further research. Discussion covers the company's expected return and risk and why our view on the company varies from that of the market.

  • Portfolio construction. We construct a concentrated portfolio by considering a stock's expected return ranking, its liquidity, the strength of the team's convictions, and the Fund's overall risk profile. We continually monitor the broad portfolio characteristics, individual holdings, and the rankings and status of the various portfolio positions.